Let’s talk about Interactive Fanfictions


So, there is a kind of Fanfiction in Brazil that is really fun to read and I was always puzzled by the fact that I couldn’t find anything like that in Global/English-Speaking sites. 

Here is how it works: when the story tab opens, a bunch of small pop up windows will follow to appear. These will hold questions like “What’s your name?” “What’s the color of your eyes/skin/hair?” about you and maybe about another character - your romantic pairing, your friend, and anything that might be related to the story and that your take on it can make a certain difference. And then, in a “Mad Libs” kind of way, you are in the story! 

It may seem really simple or shallow to think that simple answers can make you feel like that’s you, but try to think of the times that by seeing a character with your name, or that looks like you somehow, in a story makes you pay more attention and care more about what kind of things happens to them.

I decided to speak about it now because the biggest site we have is opening an English version! They are still small and step by step translating some existing PT-BR fics, but imagine how much bigger it can get! The site usually attracts a lot of romantic fanfiction related to the main character pairing with a famous person or character somehow, but I’ve always pictured that a bigger site could open so many new and fun types of fic! 

Imagine being the Doctor’s new companion, or a doctor in Project LEDA. A demon hunter in Supernatural, a survivor in the Hunger Games arena, the serial killer that’s gonna make Sherlock go through his worst case. Imagine being your favorite character’s best friend, the one that gives your OTP a helping hand, the new addition to the Avengers, a detective in the SVU division - or, on a ligher take, the 99th precinct.

I ask you please please to consider it and share this ideia! Check out the site and it’s first and few fanfics - and maybe start one! Any questions you have about this, feel free to hit my askbox, and I’m also gonna leave the site’s FAQ here.